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 Arrival of Ilderico

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PostSubject: Arrival of Ilderico   Sun Sep 10 2017, 16:53

After a long travel across Europe Ilderico arrived to the Imperial Palace. At the gate he addressed a guard: "I am Ilderico da Volterra, I have been summon from his Highness Anthonis Philippe Nicolas de Ligne Borgia, Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire."could you be so kind to point me the way?
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Anthonis de Ligne


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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of Ilderico   Yesterday at 13:24

Anthonis was finally informed by a concerned page that a gentleman with the upmost patients was waiting for him. Anthonis almost knocked over his huge pile of papers he was working on and then walked up to the man.

Dear fellow, I understand you are not being seen yet, I am sure a miscommunication has occurred. Maybe we can have a short chat in my office, but please do not slam the door, my stacks of dangerously stacked paper are still highly ordered.

Anthonis started walking, then turned a bit.

Oh and I am being rude, my head is in the cloud I think. My name is Anthonis Philippe Nicolas de Ligne Borgia. Please follow me.


~ Anthonis Philippe Nicolas de Ligne Borgia ~ Son of Emperor Raboude I ~ Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire ~ Count of Neuenahr ~ Imperial Baron of Kuilenburg ~ Sir of Sliedrecht ~ Sir of Den Myl ~Dutch Ambassador ~  Married to Parel Elysia ~ Father to Pascual ~
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Arrival of Ilderico
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