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 Reception Topics Concerning the Chancellery

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PostSubject: Reception Topics Concerning the Chancellery   Thu Sep 17 2015, 22:16

This is the list of the Reception topics concerning the Chancellery that can be closed. Thank you in advance.

- Arrival of the Great Chamberlain Republic of Florence
- arrivée de l'Ambassadeur Royal de France
- Arrvial of the new German chancellor
- Arrivée du Chancelier de Franche Comté
- Candidatura ad Ambasciatore di "Fuego2806"/Applying to Ambassador "Fuego2806"
- Bid for the contract in search of Imperial Ambassadors
- Arrival of the Chancellor of the Duchy of Modena
- Arrivé de la Délégation artésienne
- Arrival of Her Highness Aliénor Catherine
- Arrivée de la Vice-Chancelière du Marquisat de Provence
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Jade de Sparte
Jade de Sparte

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PostSubject: Re: Reception Topics Concerning the Chancellery   Thu Sep 17 2015, 23:01

Those 10 topics have been closed and moved to the archives

While I was at it, I have noticed old topics (more than 3 months). I have looked at all the topics that were answered. I closed and archived them.
Here's the list;
Arrival of the harbourmaster of Rotterdam
Arrival of the Naval Representative for the german provinces
Arrivo dell'Ammiraglio genovese/arrival of Genoa Admiral
Arrivo dell'Ammiraglio fiorentino/arrival of Admiral Florentine
arrivée d'une sept
Arrivée ed Jason Ludgarès de Vissac
Arrivée d'Idril de la Fiole Ebréchée-Sparte
Arrivé/arrival Badak

There are still old topics there, so if anyone can identify the one that can be close, it would help.
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Reception Topics Concerning the Chancellery
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